Performance Improvement Engagements

Process Redesign

Designed and implemented end-to-end process improvements in the LUM PAR replenishment cycle resulting in increased clinical satisfaction, service levels, and operational efficiencies. 

West (Academic Medical Center)

  • Reduced "walk-up" and chronic stock outages by 60% significantly improving clinical satisfaction

  • Achieved internal fill rates to PAR locations of 98%

  • Implemented improved pallet architecture and inbound logistics for delivery of LUM totes from the distributor which reduced the staging, sorting and delivery by 85% (3 hours per day to 45 minutes)

  • Rebalanced PAR replenishment routes and established standard work improving cycle times, on time internal delivery and achieving a more equitable distribution of work

Inventory & Space Optimization Engagements

Inventory & Space Optimization

Provided guidance and support in the design and development of a new Offsite Warehouse

Midwest Academic Medical Center (1 Hospital)

  • Developed comprehensive Warehouse plan:

    • Space Recommendations to accommodate optimized inventory levels​

    • Slotting plan providing optimal racking and workflow

    • Equipment & product Staging, Office, Product Put and Pull workflow

    • Office Space, Overhead mezzanine space, Records retention space and racking

    • Detailed storage equipment requirements by product type, velocity, and size

  • Developed Transportation plan in support of product flow from Offsite Warehouse to hospital docks

    • Detailed dock capacity study​

    • Load leveling and staff schedules in support of optimal flow

  • Achieved an average of 35% space improvement utilization

  • Optimized replenishment cycles aligned with staffing and shift structure

Interim Management Engagements

Interim Management

Provided a Director, Supply Chain and deployed RDA Rapid Response Resources to accelerate process improvements and improve supply chain operations.

Southwest (8 Hospital System)

  • Implemented quality control process for case pick and inventory/PAR areas reducing expired and obsolete stock

  • Established formal training program for supply chain staff to elevate and maintain skill set utilizing RDA's Master List of Supply Chain Best Practices

  • Achieved a sustained reduction in courier expensive of $16,000 per month through PAR Optimization and process improvement

  • Performed comprehensive PAR Optimization to rationalize inventory levels and improve supply availability improving clinical satisfaction

  • Developed a management action plan (MAP) to sustain process improvements

On-Demand Engagements

Inventory Optimization Non-Acute

West Academic system with 2 acute care facilities and 25 non-acute facilities

Optimized inventory within the non-acute facilities to support Kanban inventory processes

  • Redesigned clinical inventory locations using Kanban methodology

  • Reduced existing inventory by 50% using RDA's optimization algorithm

  • Improved the space requirement for storing inventory

  • Created consistent inventory management processes across all non-acute locations

  • Developed key inventory metrics for all clinical inventory location