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Introducing A Pay-As-You-Go Service for Healthcare Organizations Struggling with Strategic Sourcing

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Many healthcare organizations are experiencing challenges in supply procurement leading to shortages of key items and significant price increases. Introducing Source It Now, a service of RDA. RDA is an independent healthcare supply chain services firm offering an immediate and practical pay-as-you-go model for sourcing expertise. The team helps with clinical and non-clinical supplies, capital, purchased services and pharmacy. RDA works with its clients to keep costs as low as possible, considering contract compliance and cost-to-deliver. Furthermore, the team will leverage existing GPO and local agreements, as well as negotiate new contracts as requested and applicable.

“Each sourcing project is different, yet we bring our expertise and core values of independence, integrity, fairness, and accuracy to all we do. We understand what a critical need we are fulfilling and happy to introduce this model to healthcare organizations,” shared Angie Haggard, CEO of RDA.

Organizations can purchase hours in banks of 10, 20, 50 and 100 to handle their needs with supply chain experts at the ready to help. To learn more about these services, visit


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