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Does your healthcare organization need additional strategic sourcing resources?
Are you looking for unbiased expertise to source and negotiate contracts for
supplies and services?

Introducing Sourcing Support, a service of RDA. Our Sourcing Support services are a practical way to help healthcare organizations meet sourcing demands and mitigate significant price increases while maximizing GPO and local contracts. We provide agnostic experienced sourcing specialists to support your sourcing needs as an extension of your team.

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We’re here to help!

How It Works:

  1. Purchase a bank of on-demand sourcing hours
    (via credit card or PO/invoice).

  2. Specify the type of specialist needed on our form
    (Supplies, Purchased Services, Capital, or Pharmacy).

  3. Within 48 business hours (or less) of completing the purchase, connect with an RDA Sourcing Support healthcare specialist, who will work remotely to support your sourcing needs. Handle your sourcing needs with a pay-as-you-go approach.

  4. Enjoy on-demand support for your most critical needs, from industry experts, at an affordable cost.

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We strive to keep costs as low as possible, considering contract compliance and cost-to-deliver.


We negotiate new contracts as requested and as applicable.


We leverage GPO and local
contract utilization.

What We Do:

Our objective is to provide 20+ year experienced specialists that operate as an extension of your team to source needed supplies and services.

  • We operate agnostically to suppliers, distributors, and GPOs.

  • We source products and services requested with the suppliers you specify.

  • We negotiate to maximize your GPO and local contracts.

  • We assist where challenges exist to mitigate risks.

  • We serve as an adjunct to your value analysis teams to research and identify alternative products or services.

  • We provide periodic status reports.

What We Help You Source:
  • Supplies – Clinical and Non-Clinical

  • Capital

  • Purchased Services

  • Pharmacy

1000's of supplies
100's of purchased services

Why RDA?

As an independent healthcare supply chain services company, RDA is an industry leader in advancing supply chain initiatives by reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies for healthcare organizations nationwide. Our core values embody integrity, fairness, accuracy, dependability, promptness, and professionalism to deliver value in all dealings with clients, suppliers, distributors, and GPOs.

Take a look at what people are saying

"RDA worked with our Supply Chain Services team and executive stakeholders to rapidly implement systems, train new resources, and develop a roadmap for future supply chain process. RDA helped us to create a foundation that our Supply Chain is using to one into a sustainable CQO structure."

-Keith J Murphy, Vice President, Supply Chain Services, Health & Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine University of Miami

According to a news release, the Kaufman Hall 2021 State of Healthcare Performance Improvement Report reveals an industry in need of transformative operational changes with bold, new thinking needed in nearly every area of operations.
The survey found that 99 percent of respondents have experienced challenges in supply procurement leading to shortages of key items and significant price increases.
Most Promising Healthcare Solutions Prov

Our Fee Structure

We offer a simple pay-as-you-go approach for Sourcing Support services. Once you procure a bank of hours, your RDA Sourcing Support healthcare expert specialist will work with you. Your specialist will provide a weekly status update on accomplishments, hours used, and hours remaining. Your bank of hours must be used within 12 months.


Hours can be purchased using a credit card or PO/invoice process. Invoices will be issued upon purchase and due for immediate payment.

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Most Popular

  1. Purchase Hours

  2. Specify Need/Specialty

  3. Connect with Specialist

  4. Use Hours

  5. Achieve Results

Each sourcing project is different, and the needs of our clients may be different. If you are new to working with RDA, we recommend the 10 hour package, and experience the value we bring. Hours can be added as needed.

Ready for Results?
Contact us for a customized review of your supply chain expense reduction potential and a demonstration of our performance improvement services and technology.

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